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More than $1 million of jewels were stolen from a hotel room in Cannes.

I don't wear shoes in my house.

I was having thoughts that made my blood boil.

Let's get him out of here.

John sometime goes overboard in drinking.

Is something wrong with me?

Are you the mayor?

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Major is coming here for Thanksgiving.

I haven't spoken to anybody.

You're invited to dinner.

Mwa is in his room, packing a suitcase.

You can't give up now.

Why is the rabbit a symbol for Easter?

They moved here three years ago.

That was the last I saw of Thierry.

They won't know we're there.


I knew I'd have to see you first.


The train headed for the station.

Should we wait here for her?

Give me time to relax.

I heard that they discovered the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayan mountains.

No one has the right to tell me different.


She grinned her approval.


Put another log on the fire.


This is a great day.

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My parents were furious.

Kate went to a party to see her friend.

Stay a moment.

I want to give you a goodbye kiss.

Dice have differences in design in different cultures.


His explanation is not clear.

I'm making coffee.

I leave in three days.

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You need to mind your own business.

She is drawing a picture.

The surgeon amputated the wrong leg.

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Hold tight.

Wayne was relieved to see List.

I don't know where she lives.

My husband and I have a joint bank account.

Indra turned off his headlights.

He who sleeps forgets his hunger.

Tell me what this means.

I've already read this book.

I never thought Emma would run away.

We cannot all be stupid. It would be against the laws of statistics.

I learnt many things about Greek culture.

It has to be Ji who tells Dave she can't go.

He had long hair.

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My father is very tired.

Raymond spoke to Laura in French, but she answered in English.

Paquette was so happy and so pretty that everywhere she was called only "la Chantefleurie."


Marc decided it was time to go home.

People who speak dozens of languages fluently astonish me.

I was there yesterday.

Now the ball is in your court!

What train did you come on?

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How have things changed?

Can you take on the job?

Behind every minute of concert time there is one hour of hard practice.

I met her in Australia.

Even Blayne looked happy.

It's difficult to understand his theory.

The yen rose to the dollar.

She is said to have been a model.

Can you produce any evidence that he was not at home that night?

I'm talking.

After seeing how bravely he acted, his friends thought better of him.

I am breathing polluted air.

The government lowered taxes for lower-income families.

I guess we can manage that.

The woman whom he married is very beautiful.

I need you to do it yourself.

Had it not been for your help, I couldn't have done it.

Dan shot Matt in self-defence.

Why didn't you just say that to Michelle?

The army raided the rebel camp.

You should've made better use of your time.

Lou is going to need more money than what he has.

The boy said a wolf would come.

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These blouses are long sleeved.

Sandra may come.

A party will be held next Saturday, that is to say, on August 25th.

This isn't a map.

How many books do you read per month?

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I've been summoned by a judge.

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Would you sing us a song in French?

I exercise for two hours every day.

A rainbow has seven colors.


Their views vary on the subject.

Johnathan is on the verge of crying.

Put it right there.

What's there to smile about?

A fact is, essentially, irrefutable.


It didn't go too well.

Marsha has been around a very long time.

Juliane said he never wanted to get married.

What impressed you most?

I finally have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.

It stopped raining, so they went on with the game.

I can't bear the pain anymore.

We've been lucky, I think.

"When will you come back?" "It all depends on the weather."

Sue trusts her.

Grant is self-centred, isn't he?

When my mother was young, she was very beautiful.

Someone needs to save him, or he'll drown.

Just tell him what you need.

In order to buy a car, you must show the ward office proof of parking space.

He plays cello exceptionally well.

Harold knew he'd just made a huge mistake.

He did all the legwork.

They're seeing each other secretly.


I have forgotten to bring something to write with.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I need to know what happened last night.

Jwahar went there in person.

We must respect other people's privacy.

We're ready now.

Elvis is looking up into the sky.


Charlene doesn't have to give me anything.

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This room is too hot for us to work in.

State police spokeswoman Janet Welp says the truck wound up crashing into a bridge railing along Interstate 30.

Tell Spyros to come home.

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Joe shot three people.

I think that Raj is a part of the conspiracy.

Carsten wants to be popular at school.

I don't mean to make you worry.

Can I tell them you'll be visiting?

That doesn't mean I'm not happy.

She scolded me.

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The policeman barked orders.

Susumu didn't seem very interested in going to the concert with us.

It is indeed strange, but that's the way it is.

The poorest have no access to education, which hinders the country's development.

The cat jumps on top of the table.

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Despite his being so tall, women find him quite attractive.

I don't know what you've heard.

I'm looking for someone to give a hand in the office.

Jarl has a British accent.

The lawyers haven't needed to surf.

They drink cola.

In nine cases out of ten he will take the first place.

It is difficult to love somebody when it's not clear whether or not the other person loves you the same way.

That poor family lives from hand to mouth every month.

Huey wiped his feet on the mat.

Pascal was caught off guard by Renu's question.


It'll take at least one hour to go there.


I'd like to interview them.


She is a scholar and poet.

I live in a small village fifty kilometers from the Polish capital.

The goldfinch is a very interesting bird.

The most important Shinto event takes place in the New Year, when millions of people visit shrines to pray for happiness and a healthy year.

I forgot that today was Saturday.


I've never heard of it.

Where was the body found?

I'll go and tell him.

He is the chief of my department.

Conrad is domineering, isn't he?


If you know what needs to be done, please go ahead and do it.

We discovered a secret passageway.

Julian helped himself to another dish of ice cream.

The accident took place near his home.

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Every morning she helps her mother to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

So, what do you think of him?

I am not sure of winning the game this time.

What Bruno did was wrong.

Have mercy on me and spare my life, please!

They knew that he did it but they couldn't prove it.